Dental Hygiene

At London Smiling we are renowned for providing the most luxurious and thorough hygiene visits where guests have a chance to relax. Each appointment lasts 60 minutes and every detail is attended to, from lip-balm to hydrate lips to a full scale polish. Your teeth will look and feel clean and bright after a visit.

“A wonderful Hygiene experience”

  • 5Our Hygiene Therapist will carry out an oral cancer screen externally around your head and neck, and also inside your soft tissues, your lips, cheeks etc.
  • 5The health of your gums will be recorded, taking specific measurements to ensure they spot any disease early on. Plaque levels are checked using a special dye to stain any plaque and to record the percentage levels working with you to reduce the score.
  • 5You may have a saliva screen to check the acid levels and buffering power in your mouth.
  • 5Your teeth and gums will be cleaned using specific precision instruments, pointing out areas you are regularly missing, and how to reach them in the future.
  • 5A treatment plan is discussed with you after each appointment. If any further treatment is needed, the hygiene therapist will explain what is involved and will work closely with your dentist to ensure you receive the best possible care.
hygiene lady in chair